Managing bad and insolvent customer debts is often seen as a waste of productive time and it is difficult to know if an Insolvency Practitioner is doing a good job.

We have recognised this and have created our dedicated creditor services portal called COR.

COR is a FREE service that will assist with the management of bad debts that are a result of a formal insolvency process.

How does it work?

When you upload a new bad debt, COR will:

  • Identify the status of the customer, e.g. has an Insolvency Practitioner been appointed? What type of Insolvency Procedure is it?
  • Allow us to consider whether any representation is required at creditors’ meetings. We can attend on your behalf and use our expertise to ensure the relevant questions are asked
  • Assist you in ensuring that all relevant documentation is submitted correctly and before statutory deadlines

What does it do:

  • Provides a secure, single location for all insolvency bad debt information
  • Keeps you up to date on case progress
  • Can be tailor made to your requirements

Why should you use this service:

  • Advice from our experienced team of Insolvency Practitioners and expert staff
  • Ease of access to information
  • Knowing that throwing insolvency paperwork in the bin is not the only alternative to spending your own valuable time in dealing with it
  • The potential to enhance your recoveries

To register for FREE click here

If you wish to discuss this service in more detail please give us a call on 0333 456 0078.