Supporting solicitors, bankers and accountants

In the current economic climate, where business is competitive, client retention is important.

Our aim at BHP is to help you make sure that you retain your client, even in the most difficult of circumstances. The best way you can help your client when they have financial difficulties is by getting them free honest, open and practical advice from qualified professionals.

The earlier the consultation the better their chances of survival and the greater their options will be.

We recognise that in order to achieve the best result for your client it is important to work closely with their accountant. This is because accountants are usually best placed to help in providing critical decision making information and information regarding the current financial position.

We also recognise that as have extensive experience with your clients business and therefore it is far more cost effective for you provide many services that the Insolvency Practitioner would have to do should you not be involved in the process.

Obviously this work will result in you receiving additional fee income that would otherwise not be available should you use a firm that does recognise the value gained by working closely with the clients’ accountant.

  • We aim to ensure that you keep your client.
  • We could save your clients with leading rescue techniques
  • We aim to protect your outstanding and future fee income
  • If you are a private equity investor we could help you save investments you might have made
  • 7 days a week telephone service
  • No costs or fees for you (ever)
  • Present professional solutions and options to your clients when they need it most
  • Quality Advice by qualified Insolvency Practitioners

Initial Advice

One of our fully qualified Insolvency Practitioners will be able to meet with your client the same day, either on site, at your offices or at our offices if confidentiality is an issue. We will give you and your client an honest appraisal of their situation. All initial meetings are totally free and so there is no financial cost to either yourself or your client.


We have been giving insolvency advice for over 25 years, helping businesses and individuals.

Our team has invaluable cross-sector business experience. There will be very few situations between us that we have not already come across. We have many introducers who we have known for years. If you don’t know us and would like to gain comfort, we could direct you to a number of professional firms who already use our services and would be happy to give a recommendation.

Call us on 0333 456 0078 to find out more.